Sam Acho is Perpetually Busy

Even in between his 2019 season as an outside linebacker with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his role in negotiating the new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement as Vice President of the NFL Players Association (where he was re-elected in March 2020), and along with being a husband and father, 2010 Wuerffel Trophy recipient Sam Acho has still always found a way to stay busy. And productive. And be a servant leader.

No surprise in one of the things that’s new in Acho’s life is that he’s joined up with Sam Ponder of ESPN and Pastor Steve Carter for a new podcast entitled The Home Team. The podcast covers the unique intersection between Sports, Faith, Culture and Family, one that’s mostly untouched in today’s world.

Latest 2020 statistics report that there are over 800,000 podcasts available and over 54 million episodes of those podcasts worldwide to listen to. A lot to choose from. But, The Home Team is different and, outside of the Wuerffel Trophy Podcast, this is definitely one that we’d like to recommend you take a listen to.

And to be even more specific, we’d like to recommend you listen to the episode, “Sam Ponder’s Story,” an incredibly moving interview. In Acho’s own words on Twitter, he says, “Words can’t begin to describe what Sam Ponder sharing her story meant to me and so many others. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your heart today.” You can listen by clicking the Stitcher Podcast link below, or the one below it to take you to the Apple Podcast Store to listen. Either way, you are sure to be moved.

Thank you, Sam, Sam and Steve! Keep up the awesome work!